A Mommy’s Confession

Mommy Confessions

I have a confession to make. I feel guilty that I do this. How can I say this? Um, sometimes I use formula to fed Bambino and I tell people that he is exclusively breastfeed. 

‘Oh no, what have you done?  You broke the pack of the breastfeeding club.  Get out.  Get out now!

Ok, it’s not as deep as you think.  Hear me out. I love breastfeeding and all the benefits from it.  I treat breast milk like it is gold.  When people say, “Don’t cry over spilled milk,” I cry when I spill breast milk, or when I defrost breast milk and it doesn’t get used whether if it’s my husband or the grandparents who doesn’t use it or say, he wasn’t hungry at the time, or they use the second frozen bottle and he only drank an ounce of it, it feels like the milk was wasted.  Eventually, the baby, in this case Bambino, wouldn’t want the bottle milk because I’m right there.  Fresh breast milk or defrosted breast milk?  The babe is smart he wants the fresh milk.  So a bottle of breast milk goes to waste.  Wasted pumping, wasted time defrosting, and wasted time.  So I came up with a solution, give him formula whenever I’m not around that way he won’t waste the breast milk. 

I can hear it now, ‘Why would you do that?” You do know that breast milk is the best milk to give to the baby right? ‘ Yes self righteous woman I know that.  A little formula is not going to hurt my baby.  My parent’s formula fed me and in my opinion, I think I turned out ok.  There’s something inside my head that sees breast milk as gold.  Breast milk should be treated with the respect that it deserves.  So for those few occasions that the husband watch Bambino or take him out with his mother, I give formula.  If you going to wasted milk, you can waste that.  I still have some breast milk that in the freezer for a couple of months.  I don’t want to use them until I’m absolutely sure it going to be used.  What’s the point of having frozen milk if it’s not going to be used? Ah, the indignity.  What’s your mommy confession?



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