My Quiet Time

I’ve been up since five am. I thought Bambino had his sleep schedule down pack. He has been going to bed at eight fifteen and getting up at six thirty, sometimes seven o’clock. For the past three nights, however, Bambino been waking up at five o’clock. He must be going through some sort of sleep regression, I believe it’s the nine month sleep regression that I’ve read about. You know the one where their sleep is interrupted because all the brain activity going on because they’re absorbing the language, crawling, cruising, teething, yada, yada, yada. He’s naps haven’t been good as well; sleeping and half and hour, an hour if I’m lucky. Bambino usually takes his first nap around nine, nine thirty. It’s only four long hours away. I am counting down for quiet time.

It’s about eight o’clock, my husband and The Don are having their breakfast when I go downstairs to meet them with Bambino. The Don asks my husband to watch home videos on his phone. As I put Bambino down for get his baby food, he starts with the crying, skreiking cry that is nerve reckoning. I tell him that I’m getting his food and I’ll feed him soon. I’m getting ready to feed Bambino when my husband leaves for work. I walk him out the door with The Don right beside me and in the background, Bambino is crying. I see my husband off to work. The Don walk with me back to the kitchen and ask for “Video.” “What do you say?” “Play Video Please?” So I hurry to get the video started and then I go back to feeding Bambino. The Don comess out and ask for me to play the video again. It must be at the main menu so I told The Don to give me a couple minutes to feed Bambino then I play the video. A minute later, The Don come back whining “Play video, Play video, Play Video.” He’s at the repeating stage and it’s so annoying. “Didn’t I say wait until I’m done feeding Bambino. Go in the TV room and play with your toys.” After a couple more minutes, I’m done feeding Bambino. I put the bowl in the sink and Bambino starts crying again. Either he’s teething or tired. He starts rubbing his eyes. He must be tired. I go into the TV room to push play for The Don and went back in the kitchen to nurse Bambino. It’s only quarter to nine.

In the middle of nursing Bambino, I hear the footsteps of The Don and him driving one of his toy fire trucks on the wall making a lot of noise. Bambino got startled by the noise and started fussing and cry because he wanted to sleep. I angrily whispered to The Don to go back into the TV room. He did while still dragging his fire truck on the wall. “Give me the truck!” I demanded. I try to nurse Bambino to sleep again, but he was awake again thanks to The Don. So Bambino stayed up an extra hour before he finally took his nap. It’s about ten o’clock now.

I had to do some laundry. I also had to get The Don some toast because he was still hungry. 
I also had to unload the dishwasher, put the dishes away, and let out the dog. I thought I had some time for myself. I sat down at the kitchen table to finally eat my breakfast when I heard a stir in the monitor. Of course, Bambino is awake after about forty five minutes of sleep. I hurried and ate my breakfast while I listen to the gentle sounds of Bambino screams for me hysterically. 

I got Bambino, changed him and brought him back downstairs. The Don was getting bored with watching TV and wanted to play baseball. We have a T ball set for him to play with in the backyard. I figured why not and we went in the backyard to play. The Don started to play T Ball. He hit the six balls that we have and then he was done. Then he started to play with his CAT truck in the dirt. We also had bubbles that I could blow. The Don wanted to blow the bubbles. I gave him a chance to blow. He wasn’t pursing his lips correctly and when he blew, his teeth were in the way. I was trying to show him how to blow, but he wanted to do it his way. I told him “look how mama blows,” but he wasn’t paying attention. So I got frustrated and took the bubbles away. The Don started whining and crying, “Blow bubbles. Blow bubbles.” Once he starts whining, it’s time to go back inside. It’s about noon now. Is it quiet time yet?

After lunch, The Don and Bambino and I goes upstairs to The Don’s room to play and read stories. The boys play together, crawling after each other, climbing the stairs having a good time. I’m glad they are having fun, but I’m counting down to quiet time. I read The Don a story and now it’s time for QUIET TIME! It’s about two thirty. I let The Don go potty and have him stay in his room for quiet time. Whether he naps or not doesn’t make any difference to me as long as I my quiet time. Now, I have to get Bambino down for his second nap. It always takes time to get Bambino down for the second nap. He wants to crawl and cruise. So I let him and hopefully it will tire him out. About an hour of this, he’s ready for his second nap. It’s now about four o’clock. The Don decided to take his nap about thirty minutes ago. I nurse Bambino until he falls asleep and slip out of his room. 

I finally get to have time to myself. I go upstairs to lie in my bed to rest. I look forward to quiet time because it’s a break that I need from the kids. Sometimes it could be thirty minutes or as long as two hours if I’m lucky. It’s my goal to get quiet time every day and to show the kids that mama need time to herself too and it’s ok to be away from them. I use to feel guilty about taking time for myself, but being burnt out isn’t good for me either. So I take my quiet time because I deserve a little peace in my mind.


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