Mama Leave!

After lunch today, The Don, Bambino, and I decided to go upstairs and read a story instead of The Don watching TV and Bambino crawling into everything in the Kitchen.  The Don loves to crawl with Bambino up the stairs. “Bambino crawls up the stairs,” The Don would say.

So off went The Don and Bambino crawling up to the stairs.  The Don would be right by Bambino’s side so they can go up the stairs together. The Don is very protective of his little brother and he makes sure that his little brother is alright. When we came to the second floor, The Don and Bambino went around the corner to get to the third floor stairs.  The Don was waiting for Bambino and Bambino looked like that he was heading up the stairs to the third floor when Bambino had other plans.  Bambino decided to go down the hallway on the second floor and into The Don’s bedroom. 

“Bambino go upstairs.  BAMBINO GO UPSTAIRS!”  The Don was yelling at me to make Bambino go upstairs with him. 

“Maybe Bambino is tired and wants to play in your room instead.  He will go up the stairs if he wants to.” 

The Don didn’t understand why I wasn’t making Bambino go upstairs with him.  The Don is starting to realize that he can control certain things around him, but he can not control the actions of another human being and that being is his little brother.

Bambino crawled to The Don’s Vtech guitar and started to play with it. The Don tried to take it from Bambino.  The Don is at the ‘it’s mine’ stage.  I told The Don to share.  The Don wasn’t having it. 

“Give the guitar back to your brother.  When he stops playing it then you can play.” 

The Don still was trying to take the Guitar from Bambino. 

“Stop that.  You would want Bambino to share his toys although you take his like his walker.  You play with his toys, let him play with yours.” 

The Don went into the hall closet to get Bambino’s walker.  The Don pretends that the walker is a vacuum cleaner or a lawn mower.  The Don played with the walker for about a minute then aggressively tried to take the guitar away from Bambino again. 

“Ok, since you don’t want to share, I’m taking the walker away.  Until you share your guitar, you won’t get the walker back.”  

The Don figure that he would trade another toy of Bambino’s to get the guitar and hands Bambino his toy to get the guitar. 

“No, give the guitar back to Bambino.” 

The Don was so frustrated that he couldn’t get the guitar, he said, “Mama Leave!” 

“You wanted Mama to leave?”  I repeated his request. 

“Mama leave.” 

“Ok, I’ll leave.  So now were doing quiet time now.  Go potty before we do quiet time.” 

The Don went to the potty and came back. 

As I picked up Bambino, I said to him, “Ok, it’s quiet time.  I’ll see you in an hour.” 

The Don whined and said, “Mama read.” 

“You said Mama Leave so I’m leaving.  We’ll read after quiet time.”

It was interesting to see The Don getting upset with me by telling me to leave.  I didn’t force my presence in his room; I wanted him to know that he has a choice of whom is in his space and that I will respect his space and his right to be upset with me.  This also shows him the power of his words and to think before he says things that he may not really mean. I’m actually proud of him because he used his words not hitting to express his emotions. Now if I can only get him to share his toys with his brother, well that’s a work in progress.  Wish me luck!  


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