What’s the doggy doing?

Our dog’s name is Rocky.  Yup like Rocky Balboa.  He was a rescue dog from the SPCA when I got him in 2007.  He’s a very sweet and lovable dog and he’s very protective of our family.  One time, Rocky saved my life when I was living in my old  house before I got married by barking to let me know that the basement was on fire. The fire started around five in the morning. No, it wasn’t engulfed in flames but the laundry room door in the basement caught on fire and it was a mini blaze that formed. He can be tempermental when it comes to other dogs in a sense that he’s not very friendly if another dog comes near me or the family when were out on walks.  Sometimes I think he thinks he’s people.  He’s a great guard dog and is great with the kids.

One Saturday, the family was out in the backyard.  The Don was playing T Ball and my husband was trying to show him how to swing the bat to hit the ball.  Bambino was taking his nap and I was just enjoying watching The Don and my husband bond.  There are tee balls, football, and a couple of basketballs in our yard; the typical boys backyard.   This is a special ball that The Don like to play with because it’s big and it kind of float in the air when you bounce it.  This ball is a particular favorite of Rocky’s as well.

It was my husbands turn at the T Ball but instead of using an actually T Ball, he uses the big, floating ball to hit with the bat.  When my husband hit the ball, Rocky went right to it.  What looked like he was trying to play with the ball by pulling it close to his body turned into something entirely different.  Rocky brought the ball to his body and started humping the ball.  I didn’t think that a dog who was neutered would still get the urge to hump anything.  My husband and I looked at each other and then looked at The Don to see what he would say.  The Don just laughed at Rocky. I think The Don knew what Rocky’s doing was naughty but don’t know why. My husband immediately told The Don that the dog was ‘playing’ with the ball.   Thank goodness because I though that we would have to explain that the dog was ‘getting off’ on the ball. Well, at least Rocky had a good time that day.

I wonder why we didn’t just come out and say that Rocky was ‘humping’ the ball.  Maybe we were a little embarrassed that Rocky was doing a sexually act in front of our three year old. But I know for one thing, we will never use that ball again.  Thanks Rocky!


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