The Wall

The Don got hurt today. It’s the type of pain that I never thought that I could hear from him. It’s not the usual bumps, and nicks, and scraps that he experiences from time to time like tripping and falling because he didn’t pick up his feet while running. It wasn’t a stump toe on the chair type of pain. It was the ultimate pain that I ever witness from The Don in his three years of life. I knew I shouldn’t have let him climb that wall around the tennis court. I had a feeling that he would fall…and he did. 

The Don, Bambino, and I went on our regular walk with our dog. We were about four blocks away from home when The Don wanted to climb the stairs to get to the three foot wall that borders the tennis court in our neighborhood. I let him climb on it when he was about two, but I would hold his hand as he walked on the stone wall and then I would carry him down. Every time we walk pass the wall, he would say, “climb on wall” and I would tell him no. Today however, I let him climb the wall because there was a tennis ball that was left in the inner part of the wall and I asked him to get it. As soon as he got it, something told me to get him down and let him walk on the pavement. I didn’t listen because I wanted him to stop asking me to climb this wall. I wanted him to “shut up” about climbing this wall. I also wanted to satisfy my own insecurity because I was afraid that he might fall. I didn’t want to be an overprotective parent. Maybe he could walk safely on the wall.

The Don did well for a while. I told him to keep looking forward because I notice that he kept looking at the trucks and tractor trailers going by. All of a sudden, I heard him fall. I slowly turned around. I saw The Don on his front with his hands on the pavement. He caught himself and only scratched up one of his elbows and a little scrap on his left wrist. I looked at his face and his arms. I made sure that he could move his arms to make sure that his arms weren’t broken. Thank God, the damage could have been worse. I could never forgive myself if he has broken anything or cracked his head. “This is the reason why I didn’t want you to climb this wall. I knew I shouldn’t let you walk this wall” I told The Don. I was very angry at myself for giving in to his whining. I’m the adult. I should have known better. 

Wall 3
A similar stone wall
Credit Quality Masonry Design

The Don was crying, but not what I thought he would be crying about. The Don was crying because he wanted to try the wall again. I thought to myself, “What is wrong with the kid? He fell, hurt himself, and now he wanted to try it again?” He doesn’t give up when he falls. I did always tell him it doesn’t matter if you fall, as long as you can get back up and try again, you’ll be fine. Now he listens to me. I was dragging a screaming kid down the street. People watching what a horrible parent, I am letting my son cry and not consoling him. The Don kept saying, “Try again. I want to try again”, with tears coming down his eyes. I kept telling him, “No, you hurt yourself; you’re not getting on that wall again.” I can’t console a kid if he doesn’t want consoling.

When we got home and settled, The Don stop crying and screaming about the wall and now realizing that the elbow scrap was causing him pain and he was screaming about he “needed help” with his elbow. I got the first aid kit, Neosporin, and some band aids. I put some alcohol on his wounds and he screamed so bad that my heart ached. I put some Neosporin on him and put the band aids on. The Don said afterwards about his wounds, “It’ll be ok.” “Yes, you’ll be ok,” I told him. I gave my little strong guy a big hug. Afterwards, he wanted to watch his Wubbzy cartoon and he was his old self again. Next time I got to listen to my gut. Motherly instincts are never wrong.


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