And Done!

The Don has been talking more in sentences now that he is three years old.  Sometimes, I can hold maybe a one minute conversation with him.  It pleases me that he is starting to understand how to put words together to form a thought, a request or a question.  With this knowledge of putting words together and having mini conversations, he knows how to end a conversation as soon as he or I start one.

The Don came up with this phrase, well my husband came up with the phrase “And we’re done” when ending his video taping of the kids.  The Don watched this train video of him, my husband, and Bambino riding a mini train at the Elmwood Zoo in Norristown and at the end of the video, my husband says, “And we’re done!”  So my clever son started using this phrase when I ask him to do something that he doesn’t want to do.  For instance, The Don would come charging into the kitchen from the TV room demanding for me to play a video.  The Don would say, “Play Video!”

I would say, “That’s not how you ask for something. How do you ask?” 

“How do you ask?”  The Don would repeat what I said. 

“What do you say?”

“Play Video.”

“No.  You say, ‘Mama, could you play the video for me please?”  I try to make him say full sentences instead of half assing it. 

The Don would repeat by saying, Mama…play video.”  Then I make him repeat the sentence again until he gets it right.  Hey, my husband doesn’t call me drill sergeant for nothing. 

The Don would finally say, “Mama, could you play the video for me please?  And Done!” 

The ‘And Done’ phrase isn’t always used to end a conversation, sometimes The Don would use it to cut me off; like when it’s time to get dressed.  I would lay his shirt, socks, and shorts out for him to get dressed.  When he’s taking too long, I call to him saying, “Come on we have to get ready.  Did you put on your clothes yet?” 
This is when I walk into his bedroom or sometimes I bring his clothes downstairs to the TV room depending how press for time I am.  The Don is usually doing something other than getting ready. 

“I told you I need you to get ready.  Put on your shirt.”  He put on his shirt. 

“Put on your shorts.” 

He puts on his shorts. Before I said to put on his socks he shouts out “And done!” 

Then I said, “How can you be done if you haven’t put on your socks yet?”

He looks down at his feet, then his socks. 

“Ok, put on your socks, then your shoes and let’s go!” 

There are other examples that The Don uses this phrase like, at dinner if he doesn’t like the food he would say, “And done” after only taking a few bites.  If I ask him to put his toys away and he hasn’t finished putting them away because he wants to play, he will say, “and done.” The Don is becoming a smart mouth little mini me I mean mini person and it’s pissing me off!  I’m glad that he’s getting the command of the English language down, but I swear The Don is turning into a miniature teenager.  I believe the term is threenager.  Well, I better prepare for more sass talk from The Don and get my comebacks ready.  I’m not going to take anymore sass mouth from him because “I’m done!”


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