Giving out Raspberries

It’s a beautiful thing when you see siblings bonding.  This is very true with The Don and Bambino.  When Bambino started crawling and cruising, The Don became an awesome big brother as he would play with him and looking after him. When Bambino falls and he starts crying, The Don would come from the TV room or whatever room he was in to check to see if his baby brother was alright.  The Don would say, “He bumped his head.”  When I reassure him that Bambino was ok, he would go back into the TV room to continue watching TV or continuing doing what he was doing if he was in another room.  When Bambino crawls, The Don would crawl with him and watch Bambino as he explores his world. Sometimes he would point out things to Bambino like he’s teaching him, for example, colors of objects. The Don would give him big hugs and would even try to move him by picking Bambino up under his arms and move him to safety if he felt that Bambino would hurt himself.  I’m so proud of The Don.  The boys get along so well that it’s unbelievable.  Days like this I love being a mom!  The Don and Bambino had built some so of comradery that they seem so excited when they start playing together.

However, Bambino developed an annoying habit about a week ago.  He would stick out his tongue and make that annoying sound. I believe it’s called a raspberry.  I say, “Bambino, stop that.”  Bambino would just look at me and he would do it again. I remember Bambino was holding onto my leg as I was sitting on the couch as he was trying to get to the side table.  He put his little wet tongue and gave me the wetness tongue and blow kiss that I ever felt and it tickled. I couldn’t help but laugh. This was cute until he started doing this at dinner time.

One of the things the boys seem to agree upon lately is making noise when they stick out their tongues.  I don’t quite understand the humor of them sticking out their tongue and making a noise could be so hilarious but that’s the one major thing they have in common. This habit usually starts off dinner time.  When I’m half way feeding Bambino, he would stick his tongue out and blow.  Then The Don would laugh and then he would stick out his tongue and blow. Bambino would turn to his right in his high chair and giggles and then does a raspberry again.  So The Don and Bambino go at it for a while.  At this time, The Don isn’t eating his food because of course it’s something that he doesn’t like and this perfect brotherly ‘bonding time’ is a great way of stalling.  I would tell The Don to ‘cut it out’, then Bambino would do it and I would tell him to ‘cut it out’.  Man, it’s so annoying!

Out of everything that they could bond over, giving the raspberry has triumph over everything else.  I guess it could be worse; they could be fighting or crying.  It’s good that they are getting along.  Who wouldn’t be happy about that? 


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