Mystery of the poopy seat

The Don is fully potty trained.  He’s been potty trained since he was two years old.  The Don would go to the potty by himself at home and knows how to put the potty seat on the toilet when he has to go poopy.  I’m just amazed that the kid knows how to go to the potty so accurately is like he knew how to go to the bathroom all his life.  One day though, after The Don went poopy, I noticed something that grossed me out.  Something I couldn’t believe The Don would do because he was so efficient with the potty.  That something was poopy on the potty seat.  I couldn’t believe my eyes.  I asked The Don, “Why didn’t you poopy in the toilet?  How come it’s on the seat?”  The Don just repeated what I said.   I told him, “If you need help when you go poopy, you need to tell mama.  Do you understand?”  I don’t know if he did or didn’t but I cleaned up the poopy on the potty seat, helped wiped his butt and then dismissed it.

A day or two later, The Don went to go poopy.  He took too long in the bathroom and I wondered what was up.  I came in the bathroom and saw it again.  YUCK! Not only poopy was on the potty seat, it was on the standing stool and in his underwear.  “You REALLY need to let me know if you need help. Ok The Don? Now I have to clean the potty seat, stool, and change your underwear” I couldn’t understand why his entire poop didn’t go in the toilet.  ‘Maybe he’s regressing?’  I thought to myself.  It didn’t happen every time he pooped either so he must be going through a regression.

So tonight when The Don had to go to the potty, I went with him. Usually when he says “Need help”, it’s usually he has to poop.  We tried to encourage him to go by himself to teach him privacy but tonight he was persistent in either my husband or I go with him. I followed The Don to the bathroom.  He put on the potty seat but he didn’t sit down to poop.  He squatted.  “Why are you squatting?  Sit on the seat.”  I noticed something.  Something that I didn’t noticed before.  The potty seat looked smaller than usual and the way The Don was squatting, it looked like the potty seat was making him uncomfortable to sit on so that’s why he squats.  This is the cause of poopy being on the seat.  I told The Don to take the seat off and balance himself without the seat.  Comes to find out, The Don doesn’t need the potty seat anymore. He could hold himself up to poopy now.  ‘OH, that makes sense, DUH!”  Mystery solved!


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