Hunger Games Part Two

The Don could be a excellent poker player if he wanted to be.  He could read faces, and would call your bluff to make you fold, and then win the game with only a pair in his hands and laugh in your face because you fell for his bluff. The Don can be a devious little monster I tell you.

If you read part one of the Hunger Games, wait to you read about what The Don is cooking up in part two.  Ok, in part one, The Don wasn’t eating his food without the guidance of my husband who use “imitation” to make him eat forbidden food like salad, vegetables, and any other food that’s not sweet or a grill cheese or pizza. The Don would eat his food but then he wouldn’t eat it until my husband or myself ate it with him.  But when he didn’t eat his food, well at least with me, I would save his food as leftovers for him to eat when he gets hungry. 

Lately, as I’m about to put him to bed, The Don asked for something to eat.  One night he asked to eat some nuts, “No, it’s time for bed.”  I tucked him in.  Then about five minutes later, I heard him screaming for me.  So I came in the room and asked him what’s wrong.  The Don came out of bed, into the hallway and then looked down the halllway.

“What is it?  Can you tell me what’s wrong? Can you point to what you want?” 

The Don point down the hall and said, “Nuts, please?” 

I figured that he didn’t eat much so I took him downstairs to finish his leftovers.  It was salad and fake chicken nuggets.  The Don was taking his time eating his fake chicken nuggets and didn’t seem that hungry at all.  I’m starting to suspect that he was playing and wanted to stay up a little long so he used the “hunger” card. After he ate the little bit that he ate, he seemed satisfied and went to sleep.

Last night he tried to pull the same “hunger” card and asked for some dried mangos. He didn’t finish his food again and I told him that he wasn’t getting anything and don’t ask because he should of ate his dinner. I told him that he can drink some water before he went to bed and hopefully that would hold him.  That seemed to work and he went to bed.  So I guess he wasn’t “that” hungry.  I told my husband what happened and I told him that I think The Don is “playing” like he’s hungry because wanted to stay up.  My husband was like “I wouldn’t mind if he ate with Daddy if he was still hungry.” 

So tonight, The Don ate a grill cheese sandwich for dinner; that’s his favorite meal. He ate it all.  As soon as I was about to put him in bed he asked for salad.  Now I know the boy don’t like salad like that and why he asked for salad I don’t know.  Remembering what my husband said about not minding The Don to eat with him at dinner, I posed the question to him about letting The Don eat with him.  My husband didn’t mind. I knew The Don was playing me but what if he’s going through a growth spurt and needed the extra calories?  I told The Don to go downstairs.  The smirk that came on The Don’s face certify that he was bluffing and he just didn’t want to go to bed yet.   Damn it! I fell for it again.  I gave him some dried mangos and nuts.  He took his time again eating, playing with the nuts and dried mango pieces on the plate all the while blinking his eyes trying to stay awake. The Don won this hand.

My husband and I discussed what we should do about this behavior.  My husband suggested that when he finished his meal to offer some type of snack or dessert  ten minutes after and say after this he gets nothing else to eat.  If he doesn’t finish his food, tell him that he doesn’t get anymore food and he would have to go hungry that night. So there it is the plan to beat the house I mean The Don at his on poker I mean hunger games.  I’m be ready next time and I’m going to call The Don bluff.  The house isn’t going to win this time.  I have to work on my poker face and hopefully The Don would fold before I do.


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