Mamas Afternoon Off

It’s rare that I can get to enjoy an afternoon without tending to the kids.  This wasn’t my husband being nice and thinking on his own saying, “My wife is exhausted and she’s such a good mother to the kids. Let me take the kids so she has some time to herself.”  Nope, that would have been nice but that didn’t happen that way.

Two Sunday’s ago, I felt I was about to explode.  The Don was going through one of his tantrums and Bambino was cranky because he was cutting his teeth and the husband was going to his man cave to get away to have “his” time.  Well, a couple months back on Sunday’s, I started a one hour me time where I get away from the kids for one hour to do what I want to do.  For some reason, that only lasted for about a month then back to me not having time for myself.  I felt like I was being taken advantage of by the husband because he could go to his cave for an hour or two to get away while I’m dealing with the kids.  I decided without telling the husband in advance that I was walking the dog.  I’ve put Bambino in his crib and put The Don in his bedroom.  I told the husband that I’ll be back in an hour or two.  I was tired of being considerate when it comes to my husband’s time to get a break while I don’t get one.  At least I should get one on the weekend.  I left the house with our dog and depressed by walking down to the river on Kelly Drive and relaxed.  I didn’t care that the husband was upset that I left and wasn’t considerate of “his” time.  Sometimes you have to make a dramatic exit in order to be heard.

So Sunday I had an afternoon off.  I told the husband that I needed some time to myself at least an hour.  He said, “Why don’t I just take the kids all day?” 

I said “Sure if you want to and ask your mother to come along with you guys and go out.” 

While the husband mind the kids, I got to do something that I haven’t done in a while…watch some DVD’s by myself uninterrupted.  No requested from The Don that he needed or wanted something.  No changing diapers or nursing Bambino.  No cooking lunch for the family or dinner.  Just me, myself, and I lounging on the couch.  I watched one of my favorite movies “Troy” with Brad Pitt and Eric Bana.  I love the story but seeing Brad Pitt sexy body and fighting moves is what I wanted to see.  I’m getting gitty right now thinking about his body in that battle armor…hehehehe!  I also decide to watch “1408” with John Cusack and Samuel L Jackson, two of my favorite actors.  I guess I was in the mood to watch something scary.  Then for dinner I pop in an Amy’s frozen dinner and then I went to bed. 

It’s a shame that I had to get some free time by being dramatic.  I can’t see the husband saying “Hey, do you need a break?”  I have to tell him that I need one and take it without wavering.  Because intentional or not, he would take advantage of getting his time and not considering mine.  I really enjoyed my afternoon off but it went so fast.  It’s important to save my sanity and to ask, no demand some time to myself.  I don’t want my sons to feel that they can take advantage of mama either.  The boys will understand that just like they need time away from Mama, Mama needs her time. Because if I don’t take my time, who else is going to give it to me?


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