The Pinch and Grabs

I usually look forward to my children hitting milestones; from rolling over, crawling, standing, walking, and talking.  But there is one milestone that I hate; well maybe not hate but dread.  The milestone that shows that your baby have precise hand and eye coordination that will enable them to pick things up steadily.  I’m taking about the Pincer Grasp or what I like to call the “Pinch and Grab.”

The pinch and grab I mean the pincer grasp is a development milestone which allow the baby to pick up small objects with their index finger and thumb.  It allows them to pick up pieces of cereal to eat. It will allow them to pick up small objects. It will eventually help them to hold a pencil and write.  But they also have the ability to pick up and pull down things, like lamps, cords, clothes, diapers, or anything on shelves.  But the one thing that I hate the most of this pinch and grabs is when Bambino starts pinching and grabbing me.

Bambino’s pinch and grab I mean pincer grasps is nothing I’ve ever seen or felt before.  At birth, I knew he was a strong little guy by the way he grasped my finger in his little hand.  I swore he was going to bend and break my finger off.  Now he’s at the stage of the pincer grasp, his pinch and grabs are painful.  His pinch and grabs are painful to the point of me screaming “YOUCH!”

Bambino would stand on my lap and I would hold him under his arms.  He would give me a sweet little smile and draws his left hand and pinch and grab my cheek giving it a quick tug…Ouch! He would also pinch and grab the sides of my neck very, very hard…Ouch!  Oh, don’t forget the pinching and grabbing a handful of hair…Ouch! The really painful pinch and grab is when he breastfeeds.  Oh, I dread the breasting now because he knows how to slow down or speed up the flow of milk by a simple pinch here, grab there on a certain point on the breast.  He would hold that pinch then press and grab to get the flow of the milk just right.  Breastfeeding moms know exactly what I mean.  And just for kicks, Bambino would look at my nipple and then pinch and grab that too…OUCH!

Bambino ready to pinch and grab mama

Thanks to the pincer grasp (pinch and grab), not only I have to make sure that Bambino doesn’t pick up anything dangerous that could hurt him, I have to make sure that his pinch and grabs doesn’t hurt me.  Man, my neck is still sore from this mornings pinch and grab.  Where’s that ice pack?


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