Living on the Edge

I read somewhere that fathers gives children a sense of spontaneity.  They give children the art of taking risk, expect the unexpected and to live life on the edge.  Father’s would rough house with their children, throwing them high in the air (sometimes not noticing if there’s a ceiling fan above them), and love to scare the living crap out of them.  As a mother, when my husband does these things, I’m like, “Don’t do that you might hurt him,” or “I do think he’s old enough to play with that”, or the “Stop you’re going to drop him.”  Does this faze my husband? Nope not one bit.  His thing is, “If it wasn’t for fathers, kid’s lives would be boring with rules and no fun.”  Yes, I married a cocky, did I say very cocky man. 

This past four of July weekend, my husband brought some fireworks so the kids can have fun.  There’s something about lighting up things and hearing them boom, crack, and pop makes me nervous.  Maybe I’m being too much of a mother but that sounds dangerous to me.  On the fourth, my husband and my mother in laws companion lit up the fireworks so The Don and Bambino can enjoy them.  The Don was so excited that he wanted to run over to the fireworks to look at them.  I had to make sure he stayed away and explain to him that he could get burned if he goes near.  The Don was getting the sparkles, the golden showers, the little colorful fireworks that looked like candles, the glitter and the bigger ones that I can’t remember the names of and they lit it all. 

“More fireworks please?”  The Don said. 

“We’ll get some next time.” My husband said and on the sixth of July he brought some more. 

What was scary about this fireworks display is that my husband let The Don light some fireworks.  The nervousness and anxiety I felt was a little overwhelmed. ‘He’s not ready to light them.  He might burn his hand, fingers, face, or his whole body could catch on fire!  What is wrong with my husband?’  But The Don didn’t light them by himself; my husband had me light it up with him.  Not only The Don might get burnt, Mama will get burnt too.  But since I wouldn’t allow myself to get burnt, I wouldn’t let The Don get burnt either.  So we lit the firework with a lighted incense and the way those fireworks went.  The fireworks popped, sparkled, crackled; spitting out glowing lights in the air.  It was a beautiful sight.  The Don had fun lighting them and so did I.  Every time we lit a firework, we ran back to the steps to watch it go.  My husband even had Bambino light up a few.  Now, I was adamant about not having Bambino lighting any because you never know what could happen.  It could be a dud firework and could blow up in Bambino’s face.  But my husband was careful and Bambino came out unscathed. 

Husband and Bambino

The Don holding sparkler

If you had been reading my blog you probably know that my husband is the laid back, take it as it comes, risk taker parent; while I’m the cautious, sometimes overprotective, think things through parent.  There are times that things need to be thought out and you have to be cautious and there are times that you just have to live in the moment and take chances.  The kids had fun, my mother in law had fun, and drill sergeant mama relaxed a little and had fun too.  It was nice to see what is like to view the world in the mind of my husband but I don’t think I would like to stay there.  That man is crazy!  Our parenting styles balance each others out and I think the kids would be well rounded because of it.


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