TV Power!

When The Don was born, my husband and I agreed for him to not watch any TV for any reason.  What help with our reasoning are articles that tell parents that it’s not good for the child to watch television because they won’t know how to socialize, they can’t learn good language skills, and they can’t properly socialize if all the children watch is television.  In our house, we don’t have cable, I know WHAT!  We have a television but we never had an opportunity to hook up the converter box to it so we can watch it.  I felt that interacting with The Don was very important and we were out and about a lot so there was no need for television.

As The Don got older and according to the articles about letting your child watch television which advise one to two hours a day, we got DVD for him like Thomas the train or Bob the Builder but he was about two years old and he wouldn’t sit still long enough to watch them.  I don’t think that he understood what was going on in those videos to enjoy them anyway. Every once in a while he would watch Mighty Machines if I needed a shower break but not for long periods of time. At every check up with the pediatrician, he always asked if we let The Don watch television and I proudly said no. So we weren’t that press to hook up the television and it made me very proud that we didn’t resort to the television when The Don was bored.   

Tonight though, I gave in.  Yes should I say that I let him watch television?  I know say it isn’t so.  Yup, I had him watch television.  Well, I guess I’m exaggerating because it wasn’t actually television with commercials.  I was cooking or should I say attempting to cook dinner when The Don was in my way.  He wouldn’t sit at the dinner table and he was touching this and opening that.  As the saying goes, idle hands are the devils workshop. So I had to think of something quickly because I don’t have my Iphone available for him to play with the apps that he likes to play with, Bambino was screaming to be changed or he was bored or something and I was running out of patience.  Then it hit me.  ‘THE TV ROOM!” Our TV room is in the next room so I could check on him from the kitchen.  I gave Bambino some electric toy that made noise to hold him off while The Don and I went in the TV Room.  I usually can’t turn on the right settings with this system my husband setup.  It always seems like the husband set things up so that the wife can’t figure it out.  I was hoping that I turn on the right setting so the TV and the DVD player would come on and play.  My husband has four different systems connect to this universal remote and I had to hit the right combination for it to work. 

So I  press the two power buttons that I think he told me months prior in order to turn the TV and DVD on.  Yes! It worked.  But wait, there’s no sound.  Shit! It’s always something.  I remember the at the bottom of the entertainment center, the thing of ma-giggly controlled the sound but which button is it?  I don’t remember what button I pushed.  I just pushed until the sound came on. Now what?  I can’t use the controls for the DVD player.  I manually press the play buttons on the DVD and let The Don look at Bob the Builder; that was the DVD that was in the player just in case were wondering.  The Don looked at the big fifty two inch  TV with awe.  It’s like he got sucked in and was frozen in place.  He watched the video calmly and it seemed like he understood what was happening and wanted more.  I immediately went back into the kitchen, put Bambino in  his bouncer, and started cooking dinner.  It felt so good that I had space to breathe and not worrying about The Don touching this or opening that.  Or hearing his very loud bus and truck sounds as he drives them on the floor or table.  Even Bambino was quiet when I put him in the bouncer.  Wow, I had peace.  That television gave me the best forty five minutes of my life. 

When The Don’s yearly pediatrician appointment rolls around and he says, “You’re not letting him watch any television are you?”  I will proudly say, “Yes, Yes I have and if you have a problem with it, you can kiss my butt!”  I probably would be a little nicer when he asks but you get my drift.  The television gave me my sanity for forty five minutes so unless my son’s doctor or anyone has a problem with television babysitting my son, you are more than welcome to babysitter my little crazy monster.  If not, then mind your business. My kid will be fine.


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