One of those kids

About two weeks ago, the entire family went food shopping together.  This was a rare occasion because I usually go shopping by myself to get a break from the kids.  These past two weeks for some strange reason, I wanted to be close to my family.  Go figure.  Our trip usually consists of shopping at Trader Joes and then going to Target.  It’s usually a pain in the butt to take small kids with you shopping you know, getting them into the car seat, then harnessing them into the car seat. If you have a booster seat, then it’s crossing the seat belt over the kid shoulders and if they place their arms correctly, you can pull it over and snap in the belt without untangling their arms.  Oh, don’t forget if you don’t pull the seatbelt far enough and you seatbelt falls short, you have to let the belt draw back and then pull the seat belt again and hopefully you have enough slack the buckle your preschooler in.  Why did I bring them again?

Our first trip was to Trader Joes.  If you’re a frequent shopper at Trader Joes, you know how crowd it gets.  My husband would go to the aisle where the dried mangos and nuts are with the kids and I would get the produces.  I go and find my family when I noticed this strange behavior that is coming from The Don.  He was moving his body from side to side and he started jumping up and down.  My husband contained him for the most part and since Trader Joes was crowded, The Don couldn’t move about the way it look like he wanted to.  I figured that he was bored just standing around with daddy and Bambino that I decided to put him to work. The Don would help me put things in the cart and it seemed that bored energy has subsided. I was also thinking that he’s probably hungry so as soon as we get to Target and eat a Pizza Hut pizza, he should be chilled.

Our last stop was Target.  We stopped to get my The Don a cheese pizza and to change Bambino’s diaper and give him milk.  My The Don seems calm and quieter after he ate.  We started shopping.  The Don started with the body turning from side to side and the jumping up and down.  I thought to myself, “What could it possibility be?  Why is he acting out this way?”  So I did like I did in Trader Joes, I kept him busy by him being mommy’s little helper.  I tell him to take the bag of broccoli and put it in the cart.  Take the TV dinners and put them in the cart. Take the fill in the blank and put it in the cart.  But when he did that, he started running down the aisles screaming happily.  He kept doing that every time I asked him to put something in the cart.  ‘He didn’t do this at Trader Joes.’  Then I notice at Target the bigger aisles than the ones at Joe’s. Oh, more room to run. Then I would tell him to get back over here.  He would start screaming NO.  I would have to grab his arm and bring him back to me.  My husband is the type of person who would redirect bad behavior by playing with him.  I on the other hand believes that unacceptable behavior need to be nip in the bud. 

I was trying to control his behavior by keeping him near me and redirecting him.  When I go down the aisle, he would go down running and touching things on the shelves.  “Didn’t I tell you to stop!” As I grabbed his little arm again, I look up and notice a woman in here early to mid twenties had a horrid look on her face.  She looked as to say “control your kid” or “Why are you gripping him up like that?  He’s just a kid”.  She probably doesn’t have kids if she was thinking that and with that look on her face The Don probably scared her from having kids for a while if ever.  The Don is turning into ‘one of those kids’… ‘dun dun duuuuun!’

When that woman looked at me with horror, I felt that I couldn’t control my son and she was judging me. I don’t want him to be one of those kids that going crazy in the store, screaming and yelling at their mother, not listening kids; that’s my biggest fear. My fear is that people would see me as the parent who has misbehaving children. What if it happens again?  Yeah it probably will. I use to be that woman before I had kids.  I would think to myself, ‘If that was my kid, he/she wouldn’t be acting that way.  They are going to behave.’ Little did I know.  Little did I know. I have an appreciation for the parents that have ill behaved children and not judge them when they yell at them or grip them up by their arms and drag them around. Humility is humbling. 




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