On the Sidelines

My husband surprised the boys and me today by taking us to the local roller skating rink.  The Don on his birthday received roller skates as a present from the hubby and ever since he put them on and tried to roller skate in the house, he wants to keep skating even if it’ll go past his bedtime. Although my husband and The Don were excited to skate, I on the other hand was not.  It meant that I would be tending to Bambino while husband and The Don had fun because the truth is that I don’t know how to roller skate. Never had a chance to learn as a kid. For the people who just reading my blog for the first time, my parents sheltered my sister and I to the point that didn’t do anything fun including roller skating.

So my husband and The Don took to the skating rink while I sat on the sidelines with Bambino.  I was excited for The Don to learn to roller skate with his father and I was impressed by my husband’s roller skating skills for a thirty two year old man. 

The Don and Husband roller skating

The Don was doing very well at balancing himself with the trainer bars.  The confidence in this kid is astonishing.  My husband was having fun too; probably more funny than The Don.  I video taped and took pictures of them all the while wishing that I could just get up and put on some skates and try to roller skate. Honestly, I was hurt that I wasn’t offered to try to learn to skate with them; at least the boys could sit out and watched Bambino while I tried.  But it’s like being on a sports team. If you’re not good at the sport, you can’t be the starter and you can’t train a rookie if you never played the game.  So I chalked the exclusion up to a father and son moment and let them have their moment.  Although Bambino is seven months, he was getting into watching other people skate by bouncing up and down to the hip hop music getting his groove on. Bambino was going to have his fun regardless if he could roller skate or not.

The Don and my husband also had fun playing video games and basketball shoot them up machine at the roller skating rink.  The rink also had a mini roller coaster that people, mostly for the kids to ride on. 

The Don watching dad roller skate
The Don and Hubby on mini roller coaster


The Don and Hubby playing a motorcycle game
Although my parents thought they were protecting us by sheltering my sister and me, I missed a lot of fun in my childhood.  Seeing how The Don and my husband enjoying themselves today makes me realized how much fun I missed and it makes me angry that my parents denied the childhood that I never got to enjoyed. But I do realize something. Just because I was denied my childhood by my parents doesn’t mean that I have to deny myself the fun I could have on my own as an adult.  I don’t want to relive my childhood through The Don, I want to be apart of his childhood by joining in on the fun.  Watching The Don and my husband skate today makes me eager to learn how to skate even more.  So when Bambino turns three, I won’t be on the sidelines watching the family skate and taking pictures and video taping; I get to join the team and be one of the starting line up.  I do remember that I have a set of roller blades that my sister gave me a few years back.  All I need are some knee pads and a helmet and I’m good to go.  It’s time to learn to skate! No more standing on the sidelines, it’s time to be part of the team. 

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