The Baby Who Would Not Roll Over

Bambino is seven months now and hasn’t or should I say isn’t interested in rolling over.  Nope, not one bit interested.  I think Bambino was four or five months when I attempt to try to have him roll over.  You see, The Don was three in a half months when he started rolling over.  At first he hesitated but after a few attempt, The Don got it and wasn’t afraid to roll over.  Bambino on the other hand, when I tried to have him roll over during tummy time, he would stiffen up and his body would get heavy and it would be hard for me to roll him over.  So I tried to roll him quickly so he wouldn’t have time to think about it, this worked with The Don, nope that didn’t work.  I think it freaked him out because the roll went so fast.  So I tried to roll him slowly by pulling his arm or leg over just enough so he can finish the roll himself.  That didn’t work too well either because he would stiffen his body up.  I would have to tell him to relax over and over again to at least get one roll out of him.

             Bambino refusing to roll over
At this point when he wants to sit up, he has to wait until my husband or I sit him up either on the floor or in his crib.  When he takes a tumble and he usually would tumble backwards, Bambino would cry and gets upset that he couldn’t sit back up. He would kick his legs down and move his arms up and down as if doing this would automatically push himself up like a car getting cranked up by a car jack and he would magically sit up.  I would tell him that you would have to roll over and use your arms to push yourself up to sit up.  The babe isn’t buying it.  I would roll his stiffen body up and show him how to roll slightly on his side and use his arm to push himself up to a sitting position.   

Bambino recently started to pull himself up from his crib.  He’s getting so good at it that every time I put him in a sitting position he would pull himself up.  If it was The Don doing this, I would be a little worried because he knew how to roll himself over and pull himself up so we had to lower the crib as quickly as possible so he wouldn’t climb over.  Bambino on the other hand, I’m not worried that he would fall out because, you guest it, he doesn’t know how to roll over to sit up unless assisted.  My fear would be that in the morning when he wakes that he decides to sit up and pull up and if he falls I’m not there to catch him.

Also, Bambino started to crawl in circle which mean sometime in the next month or so he’ll be crawling.  The Don started crawling in circles first too before he crawled so that’s who I have to go by at the time being.  Once I sit him up he’s good on his own to sit and play by himself.  He can turn his body around to grab things behind him and can reach forward effortlessly.  What concern me is that does he realize that he is missing a lesson and understand the value of rolling over?  Does he not understand that in order to sit up by yourself, you have to roll over?

Sometimes I wonder if I’m getting through to him.  It’s crazy, he’s very persistent and determines to stand, crawl, and walk but when it comes to rolling over, and it’s a no go.  It’s like Bambino marches to the beat of a different drum which is good in some incidents but that tells me that he’s going to be stubborn because he wants to do it his way. Bambino would lie on his back as long as necessary until someone picks him up to sit him up instead of trying to roll over.  My husband thinks he can’t roll over because he’s top heavy, otherwise too chunky to roll over.  I think that he’s too stubborn to realize that he needs to roll over. I don’t know what’s worse to think, that he’s too chunky or too stubborn to roll over? I guess whenever he gets tired of lying on his back and waiting for mommy and daddy to pick him up, he would eventually roll over…but not today.


2 thoughts on “The Baby Who Would Not Roll Over

  1. OMG HE IS SO CUTE! AWW! Dylan took his time learning the roll over lesson. He would fuss and act like tummy time was pure torture. It's crazy how different each child is, and this cutie definitely looks like he wants to do things on his own terms. Those cheeks are too cute!


  2. Thank you R.F Dietz. It's true that every child is different and my boys are like night and day. It's funny that you've mention how Dylan act like tummy time was pure torture because Bambino was the same way. It was maybe a month ago that he “tolerated” tummy time. Are you still fevering for another one lol? Seriously though, kids are great :).


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