Year Three is Scaring the S@$! out of me!

Man, I thought year two with The Don was bad; year three is scaring the shit out of me!  Year two with The Don was the year of the No’s and the temper tantrums but he wasn’t physically capable to out run me.  In year three however, he’s running abilities are quiet impeccable.  So impeccable that in one blink of an eye he can disappear like that.  This is what is scaring the shit out of me.  It’s not the defiance, or the talking back, or the frustrating temper tantrums; it’s the disappearing act, it’s the bold beyond belief act, it’s the noting can hurt or stop me act that I’m afraid of.

I can understand why the kid thinks he’s untouchable.  Ever since he was born, he was loved and protected by mommy and daddy.  When he visits his grandparents, he felt love and protected there too.  When the family went out, everybody commented how cute he was and they seem to love his smile.  When he was one years old, the big kids at the park had to look out for him because he was too small to handle himself.  Even at two year old, people were kind and sweet to him because he was small and cute and had a great smile.  Now all this love and attention he’s been getting for the past two years has been building up his confidence and with his physical agility, he thinks he’s invincible.  Nothing can stop The Don even mommy and daddy.  But The Don doesn’t know what we know about the dangerous that are lurking around the corner.  He doesn’t know that not everyone loves him and is looking out for him.  He has no concept of danger or fear to the point where he knows that he has to be careful in the street or with strangers.  The world revolves around him and everyone is here to protect and love him.  The world is his oyster and he’s here to claim the pearls.

There were times that the family was out and my husband and I was focusing on putting Bambino in the shopping cart that we looked around and saw The Don touching other cars or running away from us.  There were times when I’m crossing the street with The Don that he tried to pull his hand away from mine because he wanted to get to the grassy sidewalk and I had to tell him “Hold mama hand until we finish crossing the street.”  On his birthday my mother in law, my husband and I went to Valley Green to feed the duck and geese.  My mother in law gave him some oyster crackers to feed the ducks.  There is a small four foot cliff that you stand on with rocks at the bottom and then it’s the water.  The Don was near my mother in law and he was about to throw the crackers when I ran up to him and caught him just in time because he was going too close to the edge of the cliff. He got upset that I pulled him back and tried to get away to feed the ducks again. He wasn’t aware of the danger of falling on the rocks below.  He thought I was trying to stop him from feeding the ducks. My mother in law and I had to explain to him the dangers below but he didn’t understand.  When we went to the Please Touch Museum, he wanted to go back to the water works.  My husband told him we’ll go up to the water work but didn’t tell him he had to wait for us.  The Don left the play area we were in and started going up the ramp to get to the water works.  I shouted for him to come back, but he ignored me.  I ran very fast almost knocking people over and gripped my son by his arm and told him, “Get over here! Don’t run away from mama when she’s calling you.”  I’m glad it wasn’t outside in an amusement park or something similar.  He would have got lost and I would be freaking out.

These are just a few examples of what is scaring the shit out of me when it comes to The Don.  I see that this is the year where I have to be over him more to guide him.  I’m teaching him about “tricky people”.  I’m telling him not to go with anyone unless mommy and daddy say it’s ok.  I’m teaching him about personal space.  I’m teaching him about his private parts and good touch and bad touches.  I’m teaching him to look both ways before crossing the street.  I’m teaching him it’s ok to tell someone no if he’s not comfortable with them. Can’t you see I’m going in to panic mode right now? The Don is so vulnerable and naïve that he could get himself hurt or killed if he wasn’t guided in the right direction.  My husband says that kids are idiots.  I know where he’s coming from but I think it’s more that they are ignorant to the world.  I thought that my job as a mother was hard back then when I was just changing diapers, dealing with teething, and getting him to nap.  Teaching The Don how to survive in the world is where the real work begins.


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