Weekend Comes To An End

On Friday evening when my husband comes home from work, I feel a little weight lifted off my shoulders knowing that I will have some help with the kids in the next two days.  My stress goes away and all of my troubles from the week are gone.  I know that on Saturday and Sunday mornings, my husband would spend time with our oldest son and make him breakfast while I sleep in a little with the baby.  Maybe we go food shopping as a family to spent some time together on Saturday and on Sunday maybe take a walk by the trails with the dog.  It’s good to have the spotlight off of me and on to my husband where he is the star for our children.  Where he can be the silly one, the one who can be laid back with the kids while I enjoy the view of seeing my husband interacting with the kids and seeing the kids laughing and smiling at their dad.  I don’t have to be on all the time those two days and I get to enjoy my kids more too.

But when Sunday evening comes along and I’m preparing dinner for the family, I get this sudden feeling inside the pity of my stomach.  Tomorrow is Monday.  Tomorrow I will be by myself with the kids.  Anxiety sweeps in thinking about what this week will bring; thinking about what happened last week and wonder if it will be better than or worse than the week before.  I really hate that feeling of loneliness of taking care of the kids without the help of my husband for those thirteen plus hours that he is away.  Then I start to feel exhausted, run down, and beat up.  I start to think about the plan that I will make in order to keep my kids busy, my stress level down, and my sanity intact. Hoping that the week will go by fast and looking at the five day forecast hoping there’s no chance of rain because I don’t want to be stuck in the house with antsy kids.  I see how happy my husband is to be with his family and how sad he gets when he realize that has to go back to work Monday morning and dreading being hours away from the kids.  And here I am sadden and dreading being alone with the kids. 

When Monday comes and my husbands off to work, somehow I gather my strength to be strong and mentality stable for my kids without there father being there. I would do what I have to do to run the household efficiently and successfully to the best of my ability; most of the time stressed and tired.  I take care of my kids and although there are good days and bad days during the week, somehow I make it through.  Somehow my husband makes it through too with the amount of time he sees the kids during the week. But my husband and I have something to look forward to during the week and it’s the weekend with our kids.  The weekend can’t come soon enough…for the both of us.


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