Milking the Cow

Breast feeding can be a great and wonderful experience.  You’re feeding the best milk nature intended for your baby, you can lose your baby weight faster, and you can create a bonding experience that you could never imagine.  It could also make you feel like a cow…moo! With the feed on demand, cluster feeding, and pumping milk if you have to go back to work or if you want someone to watch your baby while you get a break, it can be very tiresome and demand on your body. Moo!  I enjoy breastfeeding for the most part except when my breast become engorged. MOO!

Baby boy started sleeping through the night finally and it seems like he’s getting into a routine for sleeping six to eight hours straight…hooray.  If you read my previous posts you would know the stress I was going through to get him to sleep consistently.  He’s six months now and ever since he started eating solid foods that began his miracle routine of sleep.  This also means that he’s not drinking a lot of milk like he use to which mean that I would have to drain my breasts with the breast pump.  In my opinion, the breast pump does its job for the most part in draining the breast of milk but it just doesn’t feel nature.  When I pump, it doesn’t feel like it’s getting all the milk out and if I leave it on long because I still feel full, it feels like it’s putting a lot of strain on my breast and it would start to hurt.  So I would avoid the pump if I can and let my little one drink from the breast.  At least it feels like milk is leaving my breast.

Last night baby boy drink his last round of milk around nine pm.  I noticed my right breast was a little heavy but I figured he would wake up in a couple of hours anyway and would feed.  Ten o’clock past, then eleven, I was getting sleepy so I finished watching Modern Family on Hulu and then fell asleep about eleven thirty.  Woke up about one am and my right side was heavier but I think I could hold on before I needed to pump.  Maybe when I wake my oldest up to go potty baby boy would hear me and would want to feed.  I woke up around two o’clock and I turned over and ‘yikes’ both my breasts was getting heavier.  I walked out of the baby boy’s room and went to my oldest son’s room so he can go potty.  Went back into baby boy’s bedroom kick one of my oldest son’s toy by accident.  Nothing.  Didn’t move or stir.  All I heard was his soft gentle breathing.  I’m thinking, ‘He got to wake up soon.  I don’t want to use the pump.’

Woke up about four forty five am.  My breasts were killing me.  They were starting to get engorged and I don’t know if I could wait much longer until baby boy wakes up to feed.  I sat up, paused and thought, ‘Maybe if I wake him up to feed.  Yeah I should do that.

Then the common sense side said, ‘What are you crazy?  Why you want to wake him and risk being up two hours trying to get him back to sleep?  I know you don’t want to but you have to put on your grown woman panties, go downstairs and pump your breasts.’

I responded to myself,‘Ok, but what if he wakes up?  I wouldn’t have enough milk to feed him?

Common sense said,‘You know the drill.  Pump enough so you can get some relief and then he’ll have milk if he wakes up.’

‘Oh ok’, I said.

I took the baby monitor and went downstairs to pump.  He’s probably going to wake up as soon as I pump.  I pumped for twenty minutes, ten minutes each breast. I tell you every time I pump my breast I feel like a cow.  Having something on my breast to drain the milk and putting it into a bucket, I mean bottle felt so unnatural but I had to do it.  Pain vs. Relief.  I chose to have relief.  All the while, he didn’t wake.  I store the milk in the freezer and walked back into his bedroom.  Nothing.  So I went back to sleep. He eventually woke up about six am and I have plenty of milk to feed him.

Although I love that baby boy’s starting to sleep though the night, my breast on the other hand isn’t going to like it at all.  There’s probably going to be more middle of the night pumping that I’m not looking forward to.  When those time comes, I’m break out the breast pump and welcome the relief but all the while I’ll be saying ‘Moo’, I feel like a cow.


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