Two Down For The Count

Today was one of those days that my oldest son could get on my nerves so much that I felt like screaming and locking him in his room so he can leave me alone.  I don’t know if it’s my hormones or my extreme tiredness, but my oldest son was pressing every button I had and I was about to explode.  Every time I tell him to do something, e.g. stop touching things in the cooking area in the kitchen, or turn around in his chair, or stay in his chair, he would do the opposite.  Or I would tell him to get this or put on that and I would have to repeat myself over and over again.  Once I raise my voice, then he would smile like I said something funny.  I felt like slapping the smile of his face but I kept my cool.  I made him do what I wanted him to do because I’m the parent and he’s the child.  This all happen this morning!  I’m in for along day.

After going to the park and taking a forty-five minute walk, I made my son a veggie burger for lunch.  He picked at it only eating the bread and barely touched the burger.  He couldn’t keep still and wanted to move around to play with his trucks and asking to feed his little brother.  I figure from the park and the walk he should be tired and not have so much energy. I would tell him to sit in his chair and he would roll his eyes every time. I’m thinking to myself ‘If I thought year two was bad, I’m in for it at year three.’  But I notice although he rolled his eyes, he kept bobbing his head back like he was, should I say “tired”.  At first I was contemplating on walking the dog after lunch but my son was getting antsy again so I was like, ‘Forget the walk; I’m going to try to have him take his nap during quiet time.  If he naps that’s fine.  If he doesn’t then that’s an hour of quiet for me until the next around.’

So we started our quiet time around two. Baby boy wanted to sleep and this is usually his nap time and I nursed him to sleep.  I was looking at the baby monitor to see what my oldest son was doing.  He was snacking on some cashew nuts and playing with his toys.  About fifteen minutes into quiet time, baby boy was asleep in my arms but my oldest wasn’t going down without a fight.  Then I notice in the monitor that my son was going back and forth to his bed.  I said to myself, ‘Yes, that’s right.  Lie down and take and nap.’  But he would get back up again and I was like, ‘No! Go to sleep!’ I felt like I was watching a football game where the quarter back throws deep and the receiver is down field but he missed the catch.  It was heart stopping.  I saw my oldest son bobbing his head again and I was praying that he would fall asleep.  He had thirty minutes left of quiet time, then twenty nine, then twenty eight.  I have to face it.  He’s not going to nap.  A few minutes later, I didn’t hear anything in the monitor.  I looked at the monitor while baby boy was still in my arms.  Could it be that my oldest son fell asleep?  Yes he did! Touchdown!  He lay on the floor asleep.  I learned long ago not to wake him and move him to the bed otherwise, it’ll wake him up.  The floor has a rug so he’ll be fine. 

I was so excited that I almost forgot that I didn’t put baby boy down in his crib.  So I had to slowly put him down hoping not to wake him.  He didn’t wake up.  What a miracle.  I got my boys to sleep around thirty minutes apart.  This never happens to me.  I just didn’t know what to do with myself.  Should I take a nap?  Should I write my blog?  Should I do this or that? I went into my bedroom, laid down and rest.  I couldn’t sleep because I knew baby boy wouldn’t sleep for long.  About thirty minutes later, baby boy woke up; he slept for an hour.  My oldest son on the other hand, slept for almost two hours.  Now if I can get both of them to sleep at the same time and sleep for two hours that would be great.  Yeah I know I’m dreaming but those thirty minutes felt so good.  Getting both kids to sleep is it’s like trying to win the million dollar lottery and your odds are one in twelve five million.  Well today, I won that million dollar lottery and it felt good.


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