Don’t look into his eyes

Babies are the most lovable, beautiful, and cuddly creatures on the planet in my opinion.  May be because I have dealt with two of them; which are my own.  The most captivating aspect to me are their eyes; especially if the baby has bright eyes that twinkle like stars in the sky.  You can get sucked in by them and those eyes will control your every emotion. You will melt in those beautiful eyes and automatically those eyes will bring a smile to your face. You will become helpless and do anything the baby desires.    Hypnotic, their eyes can put a spell on you. For example when their eyes are happy you’re happy and when their eyes are sad and crying you are sad and ready to cry too and you try to make things better for them.  Although babies’ eyes are captivating they are also dangerous as well especially when you’re trying to put them to sleep.

My six month old son has the most beautiful wide brown eyes you’ve ever seen.  From the moment he was born, the doctors commented on his big brown eyes.  When I walk with him down the street, the first thing people notice about baby boy is his big brown eyes.

Baby Boy’s Big Brown Eyes (6 months old)

My son also has an intense glare; very vampire like that kind of says ‘Got you.  You’re mine now. Now come and give me some breast milk.’ 

Most of the time when I put my second son down to sleep, his eyes are closed.  But there are some days when I put him down that his eyes would be close but then it would shoot right open; similar to a horror movie.  He’s eyes would pop open and he would give me this intense stare like his saying, ‘Look at me. Did I say put me down? Pick me up right now!’  I have to keep myself from looking at him because if I do he will start to fuss or cry.  So from the corner of my eye I see his eyes open and I silently tell myself, ‘Don’t look into his eyes.  Don’t look into his eyes.’  Then I slowly turn my head and look at him and he starts to cry.  “Damn it!”  I say to myself.  No matter if I turn my head away again or put my hand on him and rock his body back and forth in his crib, I would have to pick him up and rock or nurse him back to sleep.

There was another time when baby boy fell asleep in his high chair.  I came downstairs from tucking my oldest son in and found him knock out in his high chair.  My husband was telling me to pick him up quickly and put him in his crib. In order for me to get him out of the chair, I had to pull down the back of his chair slowly so I wouldn’t wake him.  As I was lifting him out and looking at his adorable face, his eyes shot open. I only looked into his eyes for a couple of second and turn my head slightly.  I said to my husband,

“Uh Oh, he’s waking up!”

“Hurry and put him on your shoulder and rock him to sleep. He’ll go back to sleep.” 

But it was too late.  He fussed a little and now was wide awake looking around.

So I realize that if I want my baby boy to go back to sleep when I put him down or if he drifts off to sleep or if he wants to stay up in the middle of the night wanting to play, I have to remind myself not to look into his eyes.  But how can I not?  I was thinking of Screamin’ Jay Hawkins song “I put a spell on you.” and I think of it every time he captures me with his eyes and their telling me… ‘I put a spell on you.  Because you’re MINE!’  Yes indeed I am.

Baby boy big brown eyes from 2days old until now

2 thoughts on “Don’t look into his eyes

  1. Aw! He is gorgeous!
    know what you mean – my two boys have the most gorgeous green eyes that show the whole range of emotions – so captivating and yes they do get away with murder! Ha ha! Don't look into the eyes!


  2. Thank you Genna and thanks for commenting. Yes, that's what I'm afraid of that he will get away with murder with those eyes when he gets older. But he probably will lol and he probably will know it too 🙂


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