The Not So Great Escape

Last Saturday, I took a “me day” with my mother in law to the spa for an hour massage and an hour facial treatment.  It was a beautiful day; sunny and a little breezy, it was the perfect spring weather to be out and about…without the kids.  My great escape. My husband had the kids and I was so happy to finally get a break.  I really need a day off. 

So my day off started about one fifteen when my mother in law came to get me so we can walk to the train for our three o’clock spa appointment.  I just put the baby down an hour prior and was expecting him to wake up any minute.  I made lunch for my oldest son and my husband before I left.  I was expecting the kids would follow the same routine that they do with me as far as them being awake so I knew my husband would surely experience what I go through with the kid’s everyday.  I’m sure he would be exhausted like I am and he would finally understand that staying at home with the kids isn’t a luxury as he think it would be.

My mother in law and I arrived at the spa about fifteen minutes early.  Although I was looking forward to my massage and facial, I was still thinking about the kids.  Not worrying about them because I know my husband knows how to take care of them, but do I dare say that I…miss them.  How dare I miss those little monsters that drive me up the wall?  How dare they enter my thoughts while I’m trying to relax? All I did when I got the massage about half way through, I was talking to the massage therapist about my kids.  I couldn’t enjoy my massage at all.  When I got my facial, all I did was you guess it, talk about my kids.  The point of getting a massage and facial was to not think about the kids.  I felt more tired after having the massage and facial than being with the kids.  What is wrong with me?

After the two hours at the spa, I received a text from my husband that said that the baby slept again at two and didn’t wake up until five thirty.  Also my oldest son took a nap around the same time but woke up about four thirty.  I was like “Whaaaaaaaat!” My husband had an easy day with the kids.  Why don’t they sleep with me like that?  Now my husband going to think that it’s a piece of cake to take care of the kids.  All through dinner I was thinking, “What did my husband do to get them to sleep so easily?”  I need to know how to do that so I can get a break too. When I asked my husband via text, he won’t tell me how he did it.  It’s he’s little ace up his sleeve. 

I arrived home about quarter to ten, I was exhausted and my breasts were full and need to be pumped. I felt like I’m coming in to start my overnight shift.  My husband comes downstairs to tell me what an easy day he had with the kids and the only “major” thing that happened was the baby spit up a lot from acid reflux and he had to change his clothes and the baby when back to sleep by himself.  It was also easy to put the baby down at night. My oldest son can put himself to sleep. My husband was more relaxed than I was.  What was the point in going out if I couldn’t relax?  My husband left the baby monitor on the table as he got some snacks that his mother brought him and retired to his cave.  He’s shift was done. As tired as I was, I rinsed the dishes, loaded the dish washer, and let it run.  I went upstairs in the baby’s room to get the breast pump and pumped ten ounce of milk so my breast have some relief.  I whined down with watching a show that I don’t remember the name of and felt to sleep.  This was one exhausting day. Why did I go out again? Next time when I need a break, I’m staying home and I’m kicking the hubby and kids out.


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