The Toy That Came To Life

It was one of those nights where I got my infant son down on one try.  I thought that I would have a good two hours before he wakes up because he peed or couldn’t get back to sleep on his own.  On this particular night I was writing my blog when I heard this noise coming underneath his crib.  I looked towards the crib when I seen something light up.  There was a toy under his bed that I thought was dead.  It was one of the Vtech toys that looks like the dashboard of a car with the steering wheel, the red, yellow, and green light signals, with music etc.  My oldest son had this toy when he was three months old and it wasn’t working that great for about a few months now.  I tried to see if my infant son could play with it because it would help him balance himself into a sitting position.  I added batteries to the damn toy and it didn’t work.  The toy was shot or so I thought.

I looked over and I hear the toy start up.  When it starts up it sounds like a car engine starting up, “Happily we drive to town, here and there, all around.  Happily we drive to town blah blah blah. blah” I could never make out the last few words that the woman said.  I was like ‘Shit!’ Then it said. “Round and round, dee dee dee dee dee”.  I stared at the toy like, ‘Shut the fuck up! Shut the fuck up!’ Then it stopped.  I was like, ‘whooh’ it didn’t wake the baby.  Then it started again, “One, two, three, let’s go!”  I wasn’t going to wait until the toy said, ‘Hi, my name is Chucky, want to play?’ If you grow up in the eighties, then you know what movie I’m referring to here. So I went over to the crib, pulled the curse it thing from under the crib and turned it off. I don’t know if it’s me walking towards the crib to turn this possessed toy off or the sound of the woman speaking that woke my son up but damn that toy to hell.  I learned one lesson though:  If a toy is isn’t working, take the batteries out and shut it off otherwise it can come on without warning and decides to wake the baby.


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