Every Day is NOT Mother’s Day!

I was having a conversation with my husband about my plans for Mother’s Day. I am planning to celebrate Mother’s Day with my mother, grandmother, and sister by going out and doing something to celebrate us. My husband said the most politically correct statement when it comes to Mother’s Day. He said, “Every day is Mother’s Day.” I concurred with him by saying, “Yes that’s true but we don’t get appreciation and treated like a queen everyday.” I hate when people downplay Mother’s Day by staying “Every day is Mother’s Day”.Yes, we are mother’s EVERYDAY but let me tell you if you didn’t realize it: Every day is NOT Mothers Day!

Mother’s Day is a day where we are put FIRST instead of last.  A day to show appreciation for what we do as mother’s to raise our children in the right path that they should go.  It’s a day to be treated like a queen and have our needs tended to; a day that we have a chance to be spoiled and pampered by our families. A day to be honored for the role that we play in the household and for once to receive the respect for the hard work and dedication day in and day out to our children and our families.  A day where we can get a break from our children’s cries, temper tantrums, and their smart mouths and bad attitudes. A day that we can feel special and important because there are many days out of the year that we can feel unappreciated for the work that we do in raising our children. A day where we’re not cooking for the family; for once we’re getting breakfast in bed or we’re going out so someone else can cook us brunch or dinner. It’s a day where we don’t have to run around with the kids or picking them up here or dropping them off there. A day we can rest. I don’t know about you, but I don’t get this special treatment every day do you?

Don’t take away our day and make us feel that Mother’s Day is the same as every other day because it’s not. To the mother’s who believe that every day is Mother’s Day too: take your day or even a few hours for you damn it!  It’s nothing wrong with celebrating you.  You deserve to be celebrated.  If your ungrateful family doesn’t want to celebrate you on your day, then you go out and celebrate you on your day. Don’t let anyone make you feel like Mother’s Day is any ordinary day.  It’s a special day to remind you that you need to put yourself first, that you are an important member of the family, you are appreciated, special, and a great mother. Take the time to celebrate you and remember you deserve it!

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2 thoughts on “Every Day is NOT Mother’s Day!

  1. Good points. I do feel like there's a disparity between the value of what a mom does versus a father coming home from work every day feeling like he deserves a moment to “check out.” We don't get those “moments.” We are “on it” every second of every day while the kids are in the coup. I find that blogging is somewhat enough for me knowing that I don't get a real “break” like my husband. =) We rock!


  2. HI Meredith and thanks for commenting. Yes, we are always “on it” every second of every day. Sometimes it seems unfair that the father gets a break while the mother doesn't. We deserve our day. I'm glad that blogging helps you get a break from it all. I'm just greedy because blogging time isn't enough lol. If only there were extra hours in a day that will help…sigh. Then again, the kids would take up that time too. A girl can dream. 🙂 And yes we rock!


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