It’s ok people. He just bumped his head.

Going to the park is always interesting.  It’s interesting to see how each parent reacts to their children e.g. when they accomplish climbing a slide, how their kids play with other children, or how they encourage their child to try new things.  What’s more interesting is how the parents respond to their children when they fall.  You’ll see a child running and then they trip and fall, crash sometimes hitting their face to the ground. I see some parents rush over to their children trying to console them and asking them, “Are you alright?”  Then there are parents like I that when I see my oldest son fall, I just stare.  Yes that’s weird right?  I just stare at him.  Not that I don’t want to rush over to him and to make sure he’s alright, I’m waiting for the sounds of crying, screaming, yelling or the sight of blood before I react to his falling.  Sometimes my son would fall and bump his head, and yet I still stare at him.  What gets me is that if other parents see him fall their reaction is “Are you alright?” or “Oopies, you fell.”  I hate when they do that.  Once the other parent gives him sympathy, he starts to put on this sad face and starts to whimper.  Then I have to inject by saying, “its ok buddy, just shake it off” as I look at the other parent like, “I know you’re trying to help my son but,what the hell?”

Don’t get me wrong, just like any good parent I don’t want to see my son hurt.  I cringe every time he’s hurt. It breaks my heart to see my son fall and scrap a knee or fall head first down a slide that he’s not suppose to be climbing up in the first place. My first instinct is to run over to him and hug, kiss, and cuddle him.  What I don’t want is for him is to get upset over every little fall or bruise that comes upon him.  I tell him every time he fall or bruise himself and he’s getting upset, “It’s ok to fall.  You’re going to get hurt sometimes.  But as long as you can get back up and play again, you’ll be fine.”  Of course if he’s injured badly, then I will take action. But until then, to the overacting parents that will overact when my son falls please note: It’s ok.  My son just bumped his head.  He’s ok.  He will live to play another day.


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