The World’s Toughest Job Video – Let us have our day damn it!

There’s a video that went viral from American Greeting Cards about applicants applying for a job titled “Director of Operations”.  Once the interviewer revealed that the job description described what moms do every day, the interviewees showed appreciation to their mother’s.  I think that’s what American Greeting cards was trying to convey along with selling mother’s day cards. 

When I first saw the video on Facebook, I thought the video was dead on of what the responsibility of a mom required.  But there were some people that commented on the video that shows the lack of appreciation that mother’s receive everyday.  Some comments were: “What about Dads?”or “I’m a stay at home dad or a dad who takes care of my kids by myself.”  Some other comments were from women who said, “This isn’t the toughest job in the world” or “You can’t compare it to a job because jobs you get paid for it.” I read one from a man that said, “That’s not the toughest job in the world.  Try being a soldier, now that’s a tough job.” All I can think of when I read these ignorant comments was WOW. I see now that not only mother’s have the toughest job in the world but the most unappreciative role in the household as well.

Let’s address these comments shall we: 

“What about dads? I’m a stay at home dad or I’m a single dad.”  I’m grateful there are men like you who are willing to take responsibility in raising your children but it’s not your turn yet. Your turn to celebrate is in June, June 15 to be exact it’s called Father’s Day.  You wouldn’t want moms raining on your parade on YOUR Day saying “What about moms?”  Let moms have their day. 

“That’s not the toughest job in the world.”  Well, I guess if you have people helping you raise your children e.g. grandparents or daycare or you don’t see them much because you have to work then yes, it’s probably not the toughest job in the world to you. Its helps when your have people helping you out with your children I’m just saying. A lot of mother’s don’t have help and it’s tough raising children when you’re sleep deprived and you don’t get a break, you may get a break if  you go to the bathroom if  you’re lucky.  Let moms have their day.

You can’t compare it to a job because jobs you get paid for it.” So it’s not YOUR job to raise your children?  Why can’t you compare it to a job?  You never did a job that you didn’t get paid for like um volunteering?  Right because at least at a job you’re worth something like a paycheck and a mother isn’t worth anything but her time. Let moms have their day.

“That’s not the toughest job in the world.  Try being a soldier, now that’s a tough job.” I’m grateful that you served our country and I don’t know what it’s like being a solider; but to compare it to being tougher than being a mother is asinine. It’s people like you that downplay motherhood. It’s like you’re trying to make light of what your mother did for you or if you have children, what the mother of your children is doing to raise your kids.  Don’t you have a day like Veterans Day or something?  Leave mothers alone and let us have our day.

I just find it interesting how self centered people really are.  This video was clearly about mother’s day and some people turn, twist, and make it something bigger that what the video wanted to convey aka they made it about themselves. Some of the comments even made light of the duties that mother’s do e.g. never getting a break, being on your feet constantly, eating after your “associate” eats, having good negotiation skills, giving up your life etc. While certain aspect of the video were exaggerated a little, most of what a mother does is true.

If you didn’t have a great mother, I’m sorry then this video wasn’t intended for her.  But to the mother’s that this video pertains to, let us have our day.  We only get one day a year and we sometimes still have to work that day.  How much more do you want to take from us?  Mother’s gave their bodies, their love, their sleep, and their sanity for you. Give us one measly stinking day and show some appreciation damn it!


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