An Unexpected Request

This evening started off normal.  I gave my infant son his bath and then we did story time.  Story time is special for me because my husband joins us while I read to the kids.  I usually give my infant son to my husband while my oldest son sits on my lap while I read him a story.  Since my oldest doesn’t get as much time as he use to with me, I think it’s a special treat to baby him for just a few minutes. 

After story time I noticed that my oldest son’s nails where getting long so I got the nail clipper and proceed to cut his nails.  I went to the trash can to dispose of the nail clippings when I heard my oldest son say, “Mama tuck you in.”  I turned to my husband and asked him, “Did he say that he wants Mama to tuck him in?”  My husband said, “That’s what he said,” in a condescending voice.  My husband is the one that puts my oldest to bed while I tend to the baby.  I was shocked but I felt special that my oldest chosen me to tuck him in to bed.  I said, “Ok, Mama will tuck you in.  Say good night to daddy and your brother.”  I was honored to fulfill that request.

My oldest did his nightly routine; potty, brush teeth, wash hands then off to bed.  I pull down the blinds and closed the curtains.  I turned on his night light star doggy toy that display stars onto the ceiling.  I made sure that I turn his heater on slightly because it was a little chilly in his room.   My son asked for his doggy toy.  I asked him which one he wanted to sleep with.  The boy has about five doggy toys.  I turned on his night light blue clues doggy to find the dog he wanted to sleep with.  I asked him did he want to sleep with the Blues Clues doggy or the Fisher Price singing puppy.  He couldn’t decide.  So I put the Blues Clues doggy next to him by the wall and the Fisher Price puppy near the head of his bed.  My son turned on his Baby Einstein mirror music mobile in his bed, lied down as I put his covers on him to tuck him in.  He’s room has two doors so I walked over to closed the first door leading to downstairs. As I closed the door, my son lifted his head from the bed and said the sweetest words a mother could ever hear, well the second sweetest “Mama, come give me a kiss.”  Those words melted my heart and brought a smile to my face.  “Mama, will give you a kiss,” I told him.   He laid his head back down and waited for me to give him a kiss.  I kissed his cheek and said goodnight see you in the morning and he said goodnight. As I locked his bedroom door, I thought to myself, “Times like these make it seems like being a mother isn’t so bad after all.”


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