Go To Sleep!

It’s time to put the little one to bed.  I would put on his sleep sack, nurse him, burp him and then put him into his crib.  Hopefully he would go down on the first try.  If you read my post Name That Cry, you would know that the first attempt to put him down for the night is always a test run.  I would be lucky to get him down on the first try.  If that happens, he must be very tired.  When I do get him down, his down for maybe three hours before his next feed, sometimes it could be six.  But with his teething how long he sleeps your guess is as good as mine.

For the past few nights on and off, my infant son was starting a familiar pattern of sleep.  Something that I thought was just the personality of my oldest son when he was a baby.  My infant son started waking up at two sometimes three in the morning and starts talking.  Well not quite talking.  He would start cooing and slurring like he was trying to talk.  So when he starts to talk, I don’t engage him.  If I do, he would think its ok to not go back to sleep and to stay up as long as he pleases. Sometimes he wants to play; other times it’s something bothering him.  Maybe if I had the energy to entertain him I could but I don’t so I won’t.  When he wakes up, he is so excited to see me. Too bad I don’t feel the same way.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good feeling to have someone excited to see you, but not three in the morning.

On this particular morning he woke up around three-thirty. I changed his diaper.  He talks to me while he’s on the changing table.  I politely smile back at him.  I’m trying not to be rude.  I nurse him.  He falls asleep on my nursing pillow.  I burp him then gently put him down in his crib.  Then he starts to rub his face and his ear. I cradle his legs and pat his butt. He stops moving and slowly lower his arms to the bed.  I slowly remove my hand from his butt and then suddenly he kicks his left foot out sharply and starts a coughing cry.  Meaning he does a few coughs and then he cries.  It’s like his cough is like revving up a car and the cry is the engine running. 

So I picked him up and sat in the rocking chair to rock him to sleep.  He keeps squirming and moving.   He’ll stop to settle down then he wants to talk.  I was too exhausted, I said to him frustrated, “I’m not putting up with this tonight.  I’m putting your activity mat in the crib and you can stay up but mama is going to sleep.”  So he played in his activity mat and I lay back down on the couch.  Fifteen minutes later he’s crying.  Thinking that he might be tired now, I tired the rocking chair again.  Turning off the night light and only had the glow of the baby monitor, trying to rock him to sleep.  We do this song and dance for about another two hours; I rock him, he talks, he pees, I change him, I rock him again, he pees again, I change him again, I put him down. I left to go to the bathroom. He’s crying. I come back to the room, turn the night light on and shouted, “Go To Sleep!”  I felt my temper rising.  It happens because I’m human but I don’t let it take over where I take it out on him.  I know there’s a reason why he’s not sleepy and I know he will eventually sleep.  Now would be a good time though.

I picked him up nursed him again, burped him again and tired rocking him to no avail.  I decided to put on this music mobile with flashing lights maybe that would help him sleep.  By this time it was six in the morning.  I turn out the night light and let the mobile play as I lay on the couch.  The mobile seem like it was working.  My little one was calming down.  I think he’s falling asleep.  About fifteen minutes later, I heard a wet fart; no it was a wet poopy.  So that’s why he couldn’t sleep.  I got up, changed him, and let him nurse a little so he can go to sleep quickly.  At about six-forty am, my little one finally fell back to sleep, About ten minutes later so did I.


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