Watch Your Kid

It is great to get out of the house.  After the brutal snow storms that we had in Philly, it’s nice to see the sun and to get out and stretch our legs. I’m just glad the winter is finally over and my oldest son and I won’t be going stir crazy anymore and getting on each others nerves. 

Today was a great day to get out and go to the park.  It was warm and a little windy.  Not chilly windy, a warm wind that felt like it was comforting your soul. I took my sons for a walk down to the park about two blocks from where we live.  I love going to the park.  It’s where kids can be free and run around to get all that energy out.  Once their energy is out, hopefully they will take a nice long nap.  My son loves to climb the curvy bars to get to the big slide.  Sometimes he would try to climb up the double sides.  My oldest can be adventurous sometimes, so much so he could easily give me a heart attack.

Most of the parents at the park are nice.  Some of them are very watchful of their children and sometimes they would look out for your own. I do my best to watch out for other children as well because who would want to see their child hurt?  Then there are other parents who let their kids run wild while they sit on the bench texting, talking on the phone, talking to their friend they brought with them, or sitting reading a book.  These parents are unaware what their child is getting in to or up to.  It’s like they just want the kid to go away and hoping that someone else will deal with them for an hour.  If the child is well behaved, I can see them roaming free without too much vigilance.  But if the child is a terror; the parent need to watch their kid.

At the park today, I was at the area where the big slide were watching my son attempt to climb another set of bars where he can have access to the slides.  There was another boy there, about three or four years of age.  His father placed him on the steps that led to the slides (there are two double slides and the big slide at the top). The father walked back where his friend sat which looked about a good fifty feet away from the slides.  First the boy attempted to block my son from getting down the big slide. I told my son to go down the slide and the boy moved out of the way when he heard my voice.  Later on while my son climbing the curvy bar ladder; the boy started kicking the wood chips and dirt that surrounded the steps that led to the slides towards my infant son’s stroller.  He was kicking it hard and high enough that the dirt and chips could fly in my little ones face and hit his eye.  I told the boy sternly, “Watch where you’re kicking, the dirt and chips can hit the baby.”  Apparently the little boy was hard of hearing that he did it again and then looked at me to see if I would say something.  I stared at this little boy very hard and wanted to grab this little punk by his arm and push him away from my baby.  I told the boy louder and angrier this time, “DON’T KICK THE DIRT AND CHIPS NEAR THE STROLLER!” So the boy turned away and kicked in the other direction.  My oldest son wanted me to help him climb the other set of bars to get up to the slides. As I was helping my oldest, I was keeping an eye out for that demon spawn of a boy to see if he was going to kick some more dirt and chips near my baby.  All this time, the father and his friend wasn’t watching him.  I don’t know if the father heard when I raised my voice to his son or he didn’t care but I dared him to come and say something to me about it.  He should be watching his kid. 

It’s not my job to neither watch your kid nor discipline your kid when they act up at the park.  My job is to look after my children and if I think your child is a threat to my children, I will speak up and will parent your child.  I’m not one of those parents that believes “kids will be kids.” I think that’s an excuse that parents use for not raising their children to respect others and to treat people well.  Mama Bear was out today and if you have a problem with it, then you better start watching your kid.


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