Name That Cry

It’s about eight thirty at night.  This is usually when I start the marathon of putting my infant son down to sleep.  The first put down is always the test run.  It never fails, I put him down. He sense that I let him go which is as soon as his body touches the bed, then his eyes pop open and he begins to cry.  It’s like he’s saying, “How dare you let me go.  I was so comfortable lying on your chest and you put me down on this cold mattress.  I curse you with my crying.” 

I know the drill.  I check to see if he has a wet diaper.  Nope that’s not it.  He didn’t need to be feed; I nursed him before putting him to bed.  Ok, he just needs a little help putting himself to sleep.  I pick him up and lay his body on my chest with his head on my shoulder and sat down in my rocking chair.  I rock him and pat his back just in case there’s a burp trapped in there.  I usually keep rocking until at least I get a burp or if I’m rocking for ten minutes then I put him down again. My son starts to rub his face into my shoulder. “Awww, He’s cuddling.” I thought to myself.  He is such a cuddlier.  

After about five minutes of rocking and me trying to keep myself awake, I heard a burp, well at least it sounded like a burp.  In my half dozing state, who knows?  I could have dreamt that he burped.  Well that’s good enough for me.  I put him down again.  Good he seems to be down.  I lie on the couch ready to go to sleep.  About a half an hour later, my son wakes up crying again.  I hate when he wakes up an half an hour or less because I just was on my way to sleep.  Not only I have to force myself awake, I always find that I’m very thirsty when I’m just falling asleep.  I wonder why that is. 

I get up and do the drill, diaper change…nope.  He’s not hungry just ate an half and hour or so ago.  I’ll check to see if he has to burp again.  I pat and pat and pat his back.  Nothing.  I went to the rocking chair again and rocked him to sleep again. He started to rub his face on my shoulder again.  Getting tired, I try to put him down in a little hastily.  He senses my hastiness and starts to move and squirm and as soon he hits the bed he starts crying.  “Damn it, Go to sleep.”  I said to him as I pat him on his butt while rocking his body back and forth on the bed.  It was told to me once that a baby should be put down drowsy but awake so they know how to soothe themselves to sleep.  Maybe I’m doing it wrong but nine times out of ten, this technique doesn’t work for him.  

I pick up my son and listened to his breathing.  “Hmmm, his nose sounds stuffy.”  My son starts to rub his face into my shoulder again.  “Oh, he must be rubbing his nose.” All this time, I thought he was cuddling with mama.  How silly of me to think that?  So I sat on the couch and laid him on my nursing pillow, and turned my flashlight on from my phone and looked up his nose. Yuck! His nostrils were clogged with boogies.  I took a square of toilet tissue, fold it in a way so I could roll the square so it can have a pointy top and I arch the top so when I dig in his nose, I can pull the booger out.  I know you’re thinking, “why doesn’t she use the nose bulb?”  Well because my son doesn’t like it and it’s quicker to use the rolled up square toilet paper.  A couple of quick swipes of the tissue and there you have. No more boogers and he can breathe better.  I rocked him back to sleep.  I put him down gently and steadily.  He went down and stayed down.  Yay!

Thanks for playing Name That Cry.  Until next time America. 


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