Early Morning Cry

Last night I had a wonderful sleep.  I haven’t slept like that since maybe before my third trimester with my infant son.  My infant son actually slept. Not for three or four hours.  Not five or six hours. He actually slept for ten hours.  I actually got up to go to the bathroom twice without as much as a peep out of the little guy.  Of course I had to check to make sure he was breathing because he would usually stir, cough or something if he heard the door open. When the second time I came back from the bathroom around three thirty in the morning, I was sure he was going to wake up.  He moved a little but went back to sleep.  Could it be that I can get to sleep a good eight hours this night?  I was so overjoyed of the possibility of getting a good night sleep. This was too good to be true. 

I heard a loud cry in my sleep.  I wasn’t sure if I was dreaming but I swore I heard my older son cry “Mama, Daddy, Go Pee Pee.” through the monitor.  There was this one time I thought I heard him say Mama through the monitor and I dreamt about me getting up to go to his room.  My husband was standing by his room door as I was about to give him his cup of water and cereal bar; but I never entered his room.  I woke up and looked at the monitor to find he was still asleep. That was a weird dream. 

Anyway, I heard him screaming “Mama, Daddy, Go Pee Pee” about two more times before I forced myself awake.  I got up and sprinted to his room to find that my husband got him.  My husband was trying to tell him to go to the potty.  My oldest son did not move.  It’s like he was confused in what to do.  We put a diaper on him at night so he won’t wet the bed because he not night trained but is potty trained during the day.  I came to him and leaned towards him to feel his diaper.  The diaper felt warm like he just peed.  My son has a potty in his room and knows how to go to the potty if need be but since we didn’t have a night light in his room, I figured it was dark and couldn’t find it.

My husband went back to bed as I took my oldest into the bathroom to see if he had to pee some more. I went into his room prior to going to the bathroom to get a diaper to put on him when he goes back to bed.  He didn’t even try to pee but insisted that I put the diaper on him.  I put the diaper on him and I led him to his room.  I told him that I will put a night light in his room the next night and if he had to go potty that he will see it in the light so he can go.  I tuck him in bed and he turned on his Baby Einstein music mobile on and smiled.  Everything seemed ok.  I went back to bed but didn’t go back to sleep right away.  My mind was racing.  Should I put the night light in now?  Why was he panicking like that? Did he have a bad dream? Is he ready for potty training at night?  Is he really alright?  What else could I have done?  These questions plagued me for about thirty minutes until I calmed my mind down and drifted off to sleep as the light began to break.

About thirty or so minutes after I fell back to sleep, my son cry out, “Mama, Daddy you awake!”  “Mama, Daddy you awake!”  He was screaming at the top of his lung. I knew he wasn’t about to go back to sleep, so I got his cereal bar and a cup of water for him to drank; hey just like the dream I dreamt a couple nights back go figure. I turned his bedroom light on, sat his cup of water, cereal bar and got some pistachio nuts  on his table for him to snack on.  I made him go to the bathroom too.  He had a lot more pee in him.  I think he was too frightened to pee the first time so he held it.  I told him that daddy will come and get him a little later (my husband usually spent some time with him before he goes to work which gives me time to rest more if needed).  My son was fine then. 

I don’t know if he is going through a regression phase like separation anxiety but it scared the hell out of me.  It’s scary being so little and independent in some ways but realize that you’re still dependent on others.  I know he’ll get through this.  On other note, I’m grateful I got as much sleep as I did but for me to expect eight hours of sleep with an infant son and a toddler to look afterward, I must have been delusional. Hey, a girl can dream right?


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