Teething Season

The first three months of my infant son’s life was an interesting one.  My infant son had the cradle cap, baby eczema, and baby acne all at one time.    Having those skin conditions at the same time must have been tough for him.  Wonder why he looked so grumpy.  The acne disappeared, the cradle cap is almost vanished and he still has a little eczema which is manageable.  He started to sleep for longer periods of time, sometimes five to six hour stretches for about two to three days straight.  I was thinking, “Soon these stretches will last longer in the months to come and then I can sleep in my bedroom again.”  But about when my infant son was three and a half months, he started waking up every two hours again.  I chalked it up to a growth spur.  I also notice that he kept biting his hands like he was hungry.  He would do that even after he nursed. 

 The following morning after I nursed my infant son, I took him and my oldest son downstairs to eat breakfast. I laid my infant son on his back in his play pen.  I got my oldest son’s plate and took out some fruit to cut up for him.  I was about to toast some English muffins when my infant son started crying.  I checked his diaper. He needed to be changed.  I changed him on the side table and then put him back down.  I went back to cut the English muffin and put it in the toaster.  My infant son started crying again.  I checked his diaper again.  He wasn’t wet this time.  I pick him up to see if he needed to be burped.  He didn’t need to burp.  I figured he must be sleepy.  I put him in his swing.  The crying continued.  I noticed he kept biting his hands. I stopped the swing and picked him up.  When I picked him up, he bends his head and bit his hand that was on my shoulder.  As his head came up, I noticed a lot of drool coming out of his month.  “Oh no! Is this happening already?  Is it that time again?” It’s Teething Season.

“You’re teething”, I said to my infant son confirming to myself what I already knew to be true.  I guess saying it out loud made it truer.  At this point, I started to remember how my oldest son was when he started teething.  “Nooooooo!”  I thought to myself.  My oldest son teething experience was a nightmare.  It seemed like my oldest was in so much pain that at times I would have to give him infant Acetaminophen or ibroprophen to make the teething pain go away. 

The few days that followed, my infant son would go down to sleep at night then about an hour to two hours later, he would wake up biting his hands.  I dealt with this long enough so that Saturday; I got some baby Orajel Naturals Calming and Soothing.  Now I knew that this didn’t work for my oldest when he was teething, why did I get it this time?  Well, I didn’t want to get the regular Baby Orajel because of the fear of his throat becoming numb. If he couldn’t swallow and have acid reflux, he might suffocate. Orajel recommended use at four months but since he was a week shy of being four months and it’s suppose to be natural, it shouldn’t hurt him. So I tried it and guess what?  It didn’t work well.  The pain would stop maybe twenty to thirty minutes then he would be gnawing his hands again.  So I tried it again for about two days during the day hours and when I put him down to sleep for the night.  The Orajel Natural didn’t work.  Am I the only mother that use this product and it didn’t work for their child? 

It started to get hard to put my infant son down at night. I really don’t like to give my children any medicine because I don’t want them to become dependent on it but my little guy was in so much discomfort and was sleeping about six to seven hours a night I had to do it.  I gave him some infant acetaminophen.  I rubbed a little bit on his gums.  After about an hour, he seem to calm down and went to sleep.  He slept about three hours straight that night and then on and off every two hours before waking up officially in the morning.  If my infant son’s teething experience is anything like my oldest son was, I’m in for a long season.  I remember there were painful periods, mild periods, and periods of teething that seems like their not teething at all.  Then the cycle starts again…for every single, freaking tooth that comes in.  I am not looking forward to this teething season.  I just have to weather the storm.  I did it before right?

Somebody help me!


2 thoughts on “Teething Season

  1. Teething is the absolute worst! My daughter didn't have it too bad and we did a lot of frozen fruit to soothe her gums she love it! Especially frozen grapes.

    Welcome to the world of blogging happy to have you here!


  2. Thank you Miss Worrell! Yes, teething is the worst. The frozen fruit or teethers' didn't work for my first son (he seems more irritated by the cold) but I will definitely try it with my youngest when he's old enough 🙂


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