Video Ambush

It was a typical Friday around 11a.  It was my regular shower time.  Oh how I look forward to going into the shower.  Not just for cleanliness purposes, but to escape my boys and to have some quiet time to myself.  Just thinking about shower time makes me giddy. 

I do what I usually do to distract the boys.  First, I put both of them in my youngest son’s room. For my oldest son, I whip out my laptop and put on You Tube.  He’s favorite show these days is Mighty Machines.  I put on his favorite episode: Buses, Subway and Trains.  For my infant son, I put his Sassy take-along and play activity mat in his crib so he can look at the hanging objects on there and hit and reach.  These activities would usually entertain my boys for at least twenty minutes.  Just enough time to wash, brush my teeth, dress, and a little bit of time if I can spare it. 

I took the vetch video baby monitor with me to watch the baby. As a courtesy to my oldest son, who is two in a half mind you, I tell him that mama is taking a shower and she will be right back soon.  Now I know what you’re thinking.  Why is she explaining to her two and a half year old that she is taking a shower and will be hack?  Doesn’t she know that an attention span of a two year old is very short?  Yes, I’m well aware.  Whether he heard me or understood what I said doesn’t matter.  The purpose is to let him know where I was in the house and that mama will be back.

As I was maybe five minutes in the shower, I hear the cries of my oldest son. I was smart to lock the door this time because the last time I was in the shower and forgot to lock the door, my son came in and started hitting on the shower curtain.  Imagine getting hit with a cold wet shower curtain and having it stick to you for a couple of second. It’s not a pleasant feeling. As he tried to open the door, he let out a frustrated whine, “Go Pee Peeeeeeeee.”

“Damn it”, I thought to myself.  That’s what I forgot to do.  I forgot to ask him if he had to go potty before I took my shower.  I usually ask him if he had to go potty to prevent him from trying to come in while I’m showering.  “I’ll be out in couple of minutes, go back to your brother’s room.”  I heard him go back to his brother’s room still whining.  Then the whining stopped.  I’m thinking, ‘I hope he didn’t pee himself.  I hope he didn’t pee himself.’ 

I got out of the shower, lotion, dressed, and as I was about to quickly brush my teeth when I heard movement in the monitor.  It was my son moving the camera and looking right into it. He slowly moved it, looking into the camera like he was trying to find me.  As he was playing with the volume and lullaby buttons, he look was so intense into the camera like he was staying, ‘Mama, I know you see me.  Didn’t you hear me say, go pee pee?  I need to use the potty’.  I used the talk back and told him to put the camera down.  But he just looked at me, I mean at the camera like he was looking through my soul like he was saying “oh, so you can hear me now?”  He eventually came back a couple minutes later to the bathroom and went pee pee.

I couldn’t help but to bust out laughing. I laughed for a good five minutes.  I didn’t know that he knew where the camera was hidden which was on the second shelf of the changing table. He was so smart to pick up the camera and to look into it to get my attention. He knows I carry the monitor around and that’s the only way that he could get my attention is through the video camera. All this time I was using the monitor to watch over my sons, apparently my oldest son was watching me. Well played my son.  Well played.


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